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J M Smith Corporation was founded in 1925 by James M. Smith Sr. as a single community pharmacy in Asheville, North Carolina. In the decades since, the company has grown to operate business units that supply healthcare and distribution services and technology to pharmacies across the U.S.

While the corporation has expanded, we've never lost sight of our values of integrity, innovation, involvement and intensity. We express these values by truly serving customers, ensuring that everyone who partners with J M Smith feels valued. We listen to customers and work to make their lives better, we support our employees, and we dedicate resources to improving the communities where we work and live.

We are guided by a set of principles instilled by the Smith family, who encourage us to remember the basics: Be a good supplier to our customers, be a good customer to our suppliers, be a good value for our shareholders, be a good employer to our employees, and be a good citizen in our community.

Built on an established history, innovating for the future and always focused on bringing value to our customers – these are the tenets of J M Smith Corporation. How can we serve you?

Supporting people and the communities they live in and serve.

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