Employee Assistance Program

Definition of Employee Assistance Program

J M Smith Corporation offers an Employee Assistance Program through First Sun EAP.

Why J M Smith Needs an EAP

J M Smith believes in the wellness of its employees and provides the EAP for times when you may need help through a crisis or want to learn new ways to deal with a problem that is not getting better on its own.

J M Smith Knowing About My Use Of The EAP

EAP services are designed to protect confidentiality by keeping clinical records private. Any reports generated about program utilization are prepared in an anonymous format and contain only statistical data.

The Types of Problems the EAP Can Help With

EAP consultants are good listeners as well as skilled counselors informed about resources that may be helpful in resolving a crisis or dealing with recurring life issues. The following is a list of issues that can be addressed within this program:

  • Individual, Couple and Family Issues
  • Parenting and Child Care
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Elder and Adult Care
  • Home and Workplace Stress
  • Addictions and Recovery
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Job and Career Issues
  • School Assistance
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Financial Issues and Legal Services
  • Pet Care
  • Health and Well-Being Resources

If services are needed which are not available through the employee assistance program, EAP professionals will assist you in exploring options that respond to both personal and financial needs.

Cost of Services

You and your eligible dependents are entitled to five (5) free sessions per year. If you need additional sessions, you will be responsible for the additional cost.

Contacting the EAP

Whatever the issue, a confidential call to 1.800.968.8143 is a step in the right direction. First Sun EAP services are available to all employees of J M Smith and their family members who reside in their residence.